Almondsbury Bell Ringers


What is the motivation for the work?

There are two important requirements: 1. Quarter/eighth turn each bell to reduce wear caused by the clappers; 2. Remove remnants of the old crown staples.

How much will it all cost?

We estimate that the cost will be £97,000, allowing for VAT, inflation and unforeseen eventualities.

When will the work start?

Phase 2 is unlikely to start before 2018.  Although we could proceed sooner, funds permitting (and we may do for Phase 1), there are other considerations, not least the impact on Church, e.g. wedding ringing.

We’ll take our time over the planning so we can consider all the work we’d like to undertake whilst achieving the highest quality or workmanship.

Who will do the work?

We’ve not decided.  Regardless of who we choose, we’ll be actively involved at every stage.

Will the bells go better, i.e. be easier to ring?

Yes. We’ve checked with other towers that have already done similar work, and they all confirm that this is so.

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